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Denplan Questions and Answers

Q. When will my Denplan Care contract with my dentist begin?

A. Your dentist will arrange a start date for your Denplan Care contract. This date will be entered onto your contract and will always fall on the first day of the month. Your supplementary Insurance will commence from the start date fo your contract, or Denplan's receipt of your registration form, whichever is later.

Q. How will the benefits of Denplan Care differ from the dental care I have been receiving?

A. Under Denplan Care, the emphasis is placed on preventative dental care. This means that your dentist will work towards stopping dental problems before they occur. This will help improve and maintain your dental health. Your Denplan dentist will explain your particular care and treatment needs.

Q. How is my fee category determined?

A. Your Denplan dentist determines your fee category. This is based on your existing dental condition. Your dentist may have completed the 'Oral Check' section on your assessment form. If so, this will highlight the scoring system used as a basis.

Q. Where does my monthly payment go?

A. You are in contract with your dentist. Denplan provides administration services to support the contract between you and your dentist. This includes passing your payments on to your dentist on a regular basis. A small percentage of your monthly payment is retained by Denplan to cover administration and your Supplementary Insurance.

Q. Are there any discounts available?

A. Denplan Care benefits the whole family. Where more than one member of a family (or payment group) is registered with any Denplan dentist at one practice, the following discounts apply: 2 group members - 5% 3 group members - 10% 4 or more group members - 15% Please note, all payments must be collected using the same method of payment (Direct Debit) and all correspondence will be sent to the payer's address only. If you would like to benefit from these discounts, please contact your Denplan dentist.

Q. What are payment options?

A. You can choose to pay your subscription monthly by Direct Debit, or annually in advance, either by Direct Debit, cheque or by credit/ debit card to Denplan. Annual payments are calculated on a calendar year basis.

Q. How much is my registration fee and what is it for?

A. The registration fee is a one off payment equal to your monthly subscription. This will debited from your bank account during the first month of your contract. It will cover Denplan's initial administration costs to arrange your Supplementary Insurance.

Q. Once I have signed my Denplan Care contract, can I cancel it?

A. Yes. You can cancel your contract at any time by giving at least 21 days notice by telephone, or in writing, to your dentist and to Denplan. The contract with your dentist will then end on the last day of the month which next occurs. Further details can be found on the reverse of the contract that you have signed with your dentist.

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